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  1. Okay Punksender dudes, I’m sending you a donation. I think I found an address that works for you guys. Your music kicks ass; and the spirit of all things punk must live on and thrive! It’s been a long time since I had really heard punk treated in any serious fashion!

  2. Well…it’s a shame that your site is down! Hopefully you’ll be able to fix your gear, and get the tunes cranking again soon. 3 weeks seems pretty lengthy for technical crap; but heck…I don’t have to work on it…don’t come crying to me!… Hopefully this site won’t turn into a Brittany Spears unicorn riding sissified geek transmission system. No excuses Punksender! Get it together dudes, this deafening silence sucks!

    • Hello Gunner, we try our best, but having this new whiskey seems to slow us down. Dont be afraid, that we just took your money and ran off. We will be back pretty soon. Hopefully.

      • No problem dudes, I see you found that roll of electrical tape during your last drinking binge. Glad the lunch money helped out with all your bad habits. Wish I was there to help you drink that Ocktoberfest beer…I’d write more; but apparently I fell into a cask of Bourbon last night and had to drink my way out. Apparently a few of my brain cells are angry about the the situation; I am attempting to kill the little bastards with high decibel punk music. Mosh on!

        • Sorry Punksender but Weezer doesn’t possess the supernatural punk powers to kill my one remaining braincell. I thought perhaps I’d utilize this comment section to ask for dating advice. You see…trying to be a gentleman in the trust sense of the word is difficult. I met a chick last night… She was hot…very hot…I tried to maintain eye contact; but…well, I couldn’t help staring at her tits. This happens frequently. Any suggestions Punksender? I almost feel guilty over these primal instincts.

          • ok, dating advice. When ever you see a girl you have to go immediately to her. Tell her how great her tits look, but instead of the word tits you use the words „your smile“ or „your eyes“.

            If you are not able to manage this, cause she is telling you that her face is not at the place, where you are looking at, then throw a beer over her breasts and then, as a gentleman, you try to lick them clean.

            To tell you more, we need more informations, so send some pictures of the girls in.

  3. The Prostitutes ‚hangover‘ seems to have done the trick, I suddenly feel the urge to drink heavily again. Thanks for keeping us healthy Punksender; you’re the best!

  4. So….why does your site get no stars as a rating? How can I vote to get you at least one star? Does anyone pay attention to these stars anyway? Is it cooler to have no stars at all? Are the stars counted and averaged? Is there a star committee? Where did I put my drink?

  5. Okay, here’s the deal. I first found your app on the Rad.io app. On the Rad.io app, Punksender has no stars. I am currently texting you through that app. Out of curiosity I went ahead and downloaded your self-standing Punksender app off the I store. Thanks for not making the app requirements for iOS only a 5. Apps that require higher iOS versions simply won’t work on older phones. Look, the only problem with the self-standing app is that the comments block keeps re-booting the page as you try to type. The app itself is much better than the one I downloaded through Rad.io…better graphics etc. Unfortunately, I had to switch back to the Rad.io app to write this. Better get that roll of electrical tape and bottle of booze back out, and take a look at that one day. Just thought I’d let you know about that technical issue. I’ll try to get you some stars for your rating; they don’t make it easy.

    • Ahhh, now you got us. You see, normaly we dont want anyone to write us, so we started to piss people off. Maybe we change that after the oktoberfest. first we have to see a lot of
      Blouses with plunging neckline.

  6. Dear Punksender, I am grateful for the wonderful dating advice. Sorry I was slow at responding. I tried the beer trick; but she seemed more surprised than turned on by the licking. Her boyfriend seemed even more surprised than her. I don’t care what the other customers think about my dating habits…there were some harsh words thrown around, some moshing I think…The rest is somewhat blurry as far as that goes; but I think it may have been successful. Do you think she’ll consider that a first date? I think I did a fair job keeping eye contact during the licking.

    • always keep the eye contact..
      if she has a boyfriend you have first to become friends with him ..give him a beer after you have spit in it, make sure he watches you. So you prove that you are more punk than he is.

  7. Good news, things are working out well with previously stated chickie; she likes buttery nipples. I dropped the ‚Ace of Spades‘ from Motörhead on her…Damn I miss that Lemmy! Now I think she want to give me her panties; but her mom was present. I got her daughter drunk and naughty; tipped her 10 bucks; and I fully intend to give her the schlong. Can I be any more of a Gentleman than that?

    • well, for instance you could have given the mother 20 Bucks for a lapdance? Dont be so
      stingy. Give her the feeling that her daughter is in good hands with you. Maybe you show her that you are godd at kissing and put your tongue deep down her throat?
      By the way, where are the pictures you wanted to send in?

  8. Okay Punksender, I’ve heard a lot of strange things issue forth from the mouth of hot babes; however…what the hell does it mean when they tell you that they have two Porsches, out of the blue? Does it mean that she already has a sugar daddy, and I don’t have enough money to persuade her out of her clothing? I wish the comment was that she needed help driving them. My theory is that her boyfriend owns these cars; and as a benefit she has access to them. I only want to give her the ol‘ hot beef injection, and test drive her; not the cars really. Although that would be nice. Please advise.

    • 1. every hot babe has already a suggar daddy or at least she could have one. Who cares?

      2. You should ask her if she needs help driving them, not us.

      3. She is totally interested in you and she is already trying to qualify to your jetset_lifestyle. You dont have one? Does not matter, cause she is already believing in it, so impressed is she from you. Yes, you! So you should have said something like: And i bet all you really want to do, is lying nude on my bed and scream my name with passion in totally exstacy in the air….for at least three times?

  9. Waking up to Punksender is awesome! I thought I was at a Sepultura concert for a moment; but no…it was a hardcore punk band thrashing and growling in such respectable fashion. I think I’ll wear boots today!

  10. Sorry, but I got lost in a strange land of chrome and neon, casinos and free booze. I made it out however; and therefore I guess it would seem natural to resume pursuing that sweet piece of ass previously mentioned Punksender. The situation was at last check, dynamic in nature. I can’t seem to get myself to swap spit with the mom as you suggested; however… I’ve noticed that if you squint your eyes when looking at the mom; the way Clint Eastwood used to do in those Dirty Harry movies, the mom appears to have decent tits. Since I discovered this, I’ve increased her tips to avoid seeming stingy as you suggested. Now the mom gives me free beer sometimes, and seems nicer. The previously mentioned daughter now sings me songs, sits closer and joins me eating appetizers while dining… Things are indeed strange and encouraging; but…I must admit being somewhat uncomfortable with this prolonged process. I let her know how I felt, by telling her if she was my girlfriend I would dress her like a Victoria’s Secret model… She seemed to search my face, to see if I was joking. I consulted a friend on the matter… Here’s what he said. „You know how guys get a little crazy, when they start getting a bit of pussy? That’s why women are crazy, they have to live with the pussy 24 hours a day!“ Well the sage wisdom seems correct, but why can’t she be more sharing about the whole situation? Nobody will care if it all goes rotten on the vine. Any constructive advice is always appreciated Punksender… Mosh On!

    • Advice 1: Why are you telling her that you would dress her like … whatever?
      You have to tell her, that you wanna undress her! Sometimes less is more. More 77-Punk-Style please.
      Advice 2: Or even better dont TELL her how you feel, SHOW her how you feel by kissing her. Try it with a harmless kiss on her cheek, than she has to kiss your cheek and in the last moment you turn your head and KISS. You can also try this with your buttocks instead of your cheek, but you do not seem to be Punkrock enough for this Pro-Move.
      Advice 3: You have to make her going out with you to a another place without her mother. Maybe swimming? Hopefully you can tell us than more about her tits.That´s more Skinhead-Style.
      Advice 4: You should try to do the same with her mother without her. THIS i would call Hardcore Punk.
      By the way, your friend seems right, but …
      Advice 5: … this wont bring you any further. Women are crazy, guys are horny…so you will return to her. And next time you will do it hopefully right!
      Advice 6: i read about “ daughter now sings me songs, sits closer and joins me eating appetizers while dining“, but i dont read „she was totally drunk“ ! This could speed things up a little.

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